• Braun Replacement Fix Comb 1

Braun Replacement Fix Comb 1

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Braun Fix Comb 1
Does not fit metal blade version of types 5542, 5544
Fits Types:
5513, 5514, 5515, 5516, 5517, 5541, 5542, 5544
Make sure the type number above is printed on your trimmer.
Fits Models:
BT3020, BT3040, MGK3020, MGK3040, MGK3045, MGK3060, MGK3080
BT5040, BT5042, BT5060, BT5065, BT5240, BT5242, BT5260
BT5265, BT5960, BT7020, BT7040, BT7220, BT7240, BT7940
MGK5045, MGK5060, MGK5080, MGK5280, MGK7020, MGK7021
MGK7220, MGK7221, MGK7920, MGK7921