• Braun Series 9 Charging Stand Black/Chrome

Braun Series 9 Charging Stand Black/Chrome

ITEM #: 81572662
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Braun Charging Stand Chrome/Black for Series 9, 8 and Series 5 Shavers
NOTE: Special Order Item please alow 5 business days to ship
Charging Cord Not Included
Uses 81577236 Charger Cord.  Same Cord That Came With Your Shaver.
Fits Types:
5768, 5769, 5790, 5791, 5793, 5795
Fits Models:
Series 9
9040s, 9080cc, 9093s, 9095cc, 9240s, 9242s, 9260s, 9280cc
9290cc, 9291cc, 9292cc, 9293s, 9295cc, 9296cc, 9297cc, 9299s
9030s, 9050cc, 9070cc, 9075cc, 9090cc, 9250cc, 9320s, 9325s
9330s, 9340s, 9345s, 9350s, 9355s, 9360cc, 9365cc, 9370cc
9375cc, 9376cc, 9380cc,9381cc, 9384cc, 9385cc, 9390cc, 9395cc
Series 8, 8320s, 8325s, 8330s, 8340s, 8345s, 8350s, 8360cc
8365cc, 8370cc, 8371cc, 8380cc,8385cc, 8390cc, 8391cc 
Series 5
5030s, 5040s, 5050cc, 5090cc, 5140s, 5145s, 5147s, 5160s, 5190cc, 5197cc