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Norelco SH50/52 Head & Blade Set, 5000

Philips/Norelco SH50/52 Replacement Head & Blade Set
Replaces HQ8 and HQ177
Made in the Netherlands
Fits 5000 Series Shavers
Fits Models:
S5205, S5210, S5290, S5370, 5100
Fits Philips Norelco Models:
PT720/41, PT724/41, PT730/41, AT810/41, AT830/41, 7110X, 7115X, 7120X
7120XL, 7140XL, 7145XL, 7180XL, 7183XL, 7240XL, 7250XL, 7260XL, 7310XL
7315XL, 7325XL, 7340XL, 7345XL, 7350XL, 7360XL, 7380XL, 7800XL, 7810XL
7812XL, 8821XL, 8825XL, 8831XL, 8845XL, 8846XL, 8865XL, 8867XL, 8880XL
8881XL, 8883XL, 8890XL, 8891XL, 8892XL, 8894XL, 8895XL, AT891
Fits 3000 and 4000 Series:
3100, 3300, 3500, 3600, 4100, 4500

Fits Philips Sensotec and Spectra Models:
HQ8894, HQ8890, HQ8885, HQ8880, HQ8875, HQ8870, HQ8865, HQ8850
HQ8845, HQ8835, HQ8830, HQ8825, HQ8445, HQ7360

all Philishave 8000 Series Sensotec, Spectra models

Fits Norelco Cool Skin 7000 Series Models:
7775X, 7745XL, 7737X, 7735X

Fits Philips Cool Skin 7000 Series Models:
HQ7782, HQ7780, HQ7760, HQ7742, HQ7740
Fits these model variations:
Aquatectouch, Powertouch Models:
AT750/20, AT750/41, AT752/20, AT752/41, AT753/20, AT753/41, AT790/40
AT810/41, AT811/41, AT814/41, AT814/45, AT815/41, AT830/41, AT830/42
AT875/41, AT880/44, AT890/20, AT890/41, AT893/20, AT893/41, AT895/41
AT920/41, AT921/28, AT940/20, AT940/41, PT710/20, PT710/41, PT715/20
PT715/41, PT720/20, PT720/41, PT724/41, PT725/20, PT725/41, PT729/41
PT730/20, PT730/41, PT734/41, PT735/20, PT735/41, PT860/20, PT860/41
PT861/41, PT870/20, PT920/20, PT920/41, PT920/42, PT925/20
HQ6070, HQ6075, HQ6090, HQ7100/17, HQ7120/17
HQ7140/17, HQ7160/17, HQ7180/17, HQ7200/17, HQ7240/17, HQ7260/17
HQ7280/17, HQ7290/17, HQ7300/17, HQ7320/17, HQ7340/17, HQ7360/17
HQ7363/17, HQ7380/17, HQ7390/17, HQ7800/20, HQ8445/33, HQ8825/43
HQ8831/43, HQ8845/33, HQ8846/43, HQ8865/43, HQ8875/33, HQ8885/33
HQ8894/43, SPECTRA, 7000 SERIES, 7110X, 7110X/11
7115X, 7115X/11, 7120X, 7120X/11, 7120XL, 7125X, 7140XL
7145XL, 7145XL/11, 7150X, 7180XL, 7183XL, 7183XL/11, 7240XL
7240XL/11, 7250XL, 7250XL/11, 7260XL, 7260XL/11, 7310XL
7310XL/17, 7315X, 7315XL, 7315XL/17, 7325X, 7325XL, 7325XL/17
7340XL, 7340XL/17, 7345XL, 7345XL/17, 7350XL, 7350XL/17, 7360XL
7380XL, 7380XL/17, 7800XL, 7800XLCC, 7810XL, 7810XL/18, 8825XL
8831XL, 8845XL, 8846XL, 8865XL, 8867XL, 8867XL/43, 8880XL
8881XL, 8881XL/45, 8883XL, 8890XL, 8890XL/43, 8891XL, 8892XL
8894XL, 8895XL, 8895XL/43

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