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Braun Drive Lever Repair Kit, drive posts, lever and springs

By: Braun
Braun 67030836 Small Parts Kit
Oscillating Bridges, Drive Pins
Includes Tension Springs
This part is not easy to install order at your own risk
You can send your shaver to us and we will install it for you

Fits Types:
5411, 5412, 5413, 5414, 5415, 5416, 5772, 5773, 5774, 5775, 5776, 5779
If your shaver is a type 5775 make sure its blue in color
and has number 340 printed on the front
If 5775 is printed on the front this part will not fit it.
Fits models:
395CC, 390CC, 390CC-4, 380s-4, 380, 370CC-4, 370CC, 370, 360
360s-4, 360s-5, 350s-4, 350CC, 340, 340s, 340s-4, 345s-4, 330s-4, 330s-5
330, 320s-4, 320r-4, 320, 3000, 3010S, 3020S, 3040S, 3045S, 3050CC
3070CC, 3080S, 3090CC

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