• Battery NiCad AA W/Tabs, 600 Mah 1.2V

Battery NiCad AA W/Tabs, 600 Mah 1.2V

ITEM #: R8
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R8 replacement NiCad battery AA 1.2V 600 MA
With solder tabs
Battery Measures .559" x 1.97", 14.2mm x 50mm
Replaces Norelco 13810336, 13810633

This is a final sale item and is NOT Returnable.
Batteries are soldered onto the electronic circuit board in the razor
battery replacement requires specific tools and expertise.
Fits Norelco/Philips Models:
20XL, T600, T660 , T700, T760, T765, T770
T800, T860, T870, T900, T960, T970, T2000, T3000, T6000
T7000, T7500, WS400, WS600, HP2750, 6843XL, 6844XL
6853XL, 5625X, 5812XL, 650TX

Quantity one for G250, 6613X, 6614X, 6615X, 6616X, 6617X
6618X, 6843XL, 6844XL, 6853XL, 6856XL

Fits Wahl Models: 5000 Series, 7040
Fits Eltron Models 4810, 4830

Fits Remington models:
MS31000, MS32000, MS33000
SF3, R960, R842, R845
DA307, DA407

TA3050, TA3070, TA4570, TA5570
The original Remington TA battery with connectors is no longer available
These will need to be soldered in place
Remington HC600, requires three batteries for this clipper.

Fits Braun types and models listed below that have two
batteries, order quantity of two
If your Braun shaver listed below has only one battery
you need part number R17

Braun Types: 5556, 5561, 5563
Braun Models: 2500, 2501, 2505, 2514, 2515, 2520, 2525, 2530