• Braun Battery Li-Ion AA Size W/Connector Pins

Braun Battery Li-Ion AA Size W/Connector Pins

ITEM #: 67030718
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Braun 67030718 Li-ion Battery AA Size 3.6 Volts
Battery Measures .559" x 1.97", 14.2mm x 50mm
AKA 67030924
This is a final sale item and is NOT Returnable.

This battery cannot be shipped outside the USA, the postal service will not accept it.
Batteries are not easy to replace.
battery replacement requires specific tools and expertise.
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Fits Type: 5751, 5758, 5760

Do not refer to the model number only, make sure the
type number above is printed on the shaver

Fits Models: WF1S, WF2S, 550, 550s-3, 550s-4, 560, 560s-3, 560s-4
570cc, 570cc-3, 570cc-4, 590cc, 590cc-3, 590cc-4
8385 C&R, 8374, 8377