• Battery, 1.2v NMHi Braun & Remington

Battery, 1.2v NMHi Braun & Remington

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R7NMH Battery for Braun & Remington Shavers, N Size NMHi, 1.2V 1500MAH
2/3A 17742
Battery Measures 5/8" X 1 1/8"
Order Two Batteries Per Shaver
This is a final sale item and is NOT Returnable.
Batteries are soldered onto the electronic circuit board in the razor
battery replacement requires specific tools and expertise.

Fits Remington: ES1000, MS2100
MS2150, MS2200, MS2250, MS2260, MS2270, MS2300
MS2370, MS2400, RS4400, RS4623, RS4843

Only Fits Braun Models listed below that have two batteries
If your Braun shaver model is listed below and it has only one battery
you need to order NiMH battery part #R17
Fits Types: 5470, 5564, 5567, 5569, 5579
Models: 3510, 3511, 3512, 3520, 3525, 3550, Action Line