• Remington Charging Cord, RP00009

Remington Charging Cord, RP00009

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Remington 898030 Charging Cord
AKA RP00009, SW-040010A, 20901-SPP, A28UD0300E
UD0300K, HK28U-3.6-100, KU1B-038-0080D
Make sure your model number is listed below
if not search for your model number not the cord part number.

Input AC 120-240 Volts 50-60 Hertz 0.2 Amp Max
Output DC 4V 100MA
This cord replaces earlier versions, the number on the charger
may not match the original and the charger may not look like the original.

Fits Models: XT100, R600, MS700, FF400, R305, R450s, F3790, F3800
F3900, F4800, F4900, R4100, R4110, R4130, R4135HXLP, R4150
PR1235, PR1335, PF7200, PF7300, PF7400
R460D (note this shaver will not run with the cord plugged into it)

This does not fit model R450 without the "s" following
the number "450"
Order cord item number 78756 for model R-450