• Norelco HQ9 Speed XL Head & Blade Set

Norelco HQ9 Speed XL Head & Blade Set

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Norelco Speed XL Replacement Head & Blade Set
3 Round Heads and 3 Cutters, Head Holder Frame is Not Included
Made in the Netherlands

Fits Speed XL and Smart Touch XL Models:
PT920, AT928, 9199XL, 9195XL, 9190XL, 9171XL, 9170XLCC, 9160XL
8175XL, 8171XL, 8170XL, 8160XLCC, 8151XL, 8150XL
8140XL, 8138XL, 8290XL, 8280XL, 8270XLCC, 8270XL, 8260XLCC
8280XL, 8260XL, 8251XL, 8250XL, 8240XL,
Not all model numbers may be listed
if your shaver is a Norelco or Philips
"Speed XL" or "Smart Touch XL" these heads will fit it

Fits Philips Models:
HQ9199, HQ9190, HQ9190CC, HQ9170, HQ9160, HQ9140, HQ9100
HQ9090, HQ9080, HQ9070, HQ9020, HQ8172
HQ8170, HQ8160, HQ8150, HQ8140, HQ8100, HQ8240, HQ8250
HQ8260, HQ8270, HQ8290