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Battery, 1/2 Sub C Single NiCad 1.2V W/Tabs

R4 Single Battery, 1/2 Sub "C" Ni-Cad 1.2Volts, 700 mah
Battery Measures .906" x 1.02". 23mm x 26mm
AKA Norelco Part # 13810097, 13810067
Order two batteries per shaver.
This is a final sale item and is NOT Returnable.
Click on Picture for list of Model Numbers.
Batteries are soldered onto the electronic circuit board in the razor
battery replacement requires specific tools and expertise.
We can repair your shaver for you, Click here for more information.

Fits Models: 800RX, 805RX, 815RX, 815RX/A, 850RX, 900RX, 950RX, HP1323, HP1327, HP1328E, HP1337
Does not fit Model 815RX/B, this model uses one part # R11

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