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Remington Cutter Spring, DA, DF, Elite

71309 Replacement Coiled Spring, fits under cutter

Fits Models: XLR9000, XLR9200, XLR9600, XLR9800
DF5, DF10, DF30, DF40, DF55, DF56, DA57, DA107
DA307, DA407, DA757, ULT1, 6BF2-CC, ULT2, 6MF2-DS
ULT3, 7BF2-CC, ULT4, 7MF2-S, ULT5, 7BF2-1C, ULT6, 6MF2
ULT7, 7BF2-1C, ULT8, 7MF2-S, ULT9, 7BF2-1C, ULT10, 7MF2-S
XLR300, 5DCF2, XLR350, 6DCF2

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