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Norelco Charging Cord 4.3 Volts 100-240 Volts Input, A00390

Norelco Charging Cord
AKA 422203622121
Output 4.3 Volts
Input 100-240 Volts 50/60 HZ
Fits Models:
QG3255/41, QG3255/97, QG3320/15, QG3320/75, QG3330/15
QG3330/16, QG3330/18, QG3330/42, QG3331/42, QG3331/97
QG3332, QG3340/16, QG3340/75, QT4000/12, QT4000/16
QT4000/42, QT4010/40, QT4010/97, QT4014/16, QT4014/42
QT4014/97, YS534/17, YS534/97, XA913/42, XA913/43, XA913/97
XA2029/42, XA2029/97, XA4003/40, XA4003/42
Oneblade, QP2520, S1560, S1570

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