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Braun Deluxe Leather Travel Case Gift Edition

By: Braun
81261898 Braun Leather DeluxeTravel Case.
Fits Types: 5411, 5412, 5414, 5415, 5416, 5671, 5673, 5674
5692, 5693, 5695, 5696, 5697, 5751, 5758, 5760, 5772, 5773
5774, 5775, 5776, 5779

If your shaver has "5775" printed on the front look on
the back, or slide up the trimmer and see if there is
another number on it, If it has either number 5724 or
5738 this part will not fit it. Search above for either
of these numbers to find the correct parts

Do not use the model numbers below to identify the
shaver, make sure one of the type numbers above
is printed on the shaver

Fits Models: WF1s, WF2s, 395CC, 390CC, 390CC-4, 380S-4, 380, 370CC-4
370CC, 370, 360, 350S-4, 350CC, 340, 340-S, 345S-4, 330S-4, 330
320S-4, 320, 550, 560, 570cc, 590CC, 8374, 8377, 8385, 720s, 740s
760cc, 765cc, 790cc, 795cc, 799cc, 799cc-6, 9565, 9585, 9595

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Item #: 81261898
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