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Remington Charging Cord AQ7, XR, PR Models

RP00249 Remington Charger Cord.
Input 120-240 Volts 50/60HZ
Output 5 Volts DC 1 Amp
Fits Models:
AQ7, HC5950, MB4900, PF7500, PF7600, PG6170, PG6171
PG6250, PG6255, PR1240, PR1250, PR1260, PR1270, PR1285
PR1340, PR1342, PR1362, PR1385, PR1387, WR5100, XF8550
XF8700, XR1330, XR1340, XR1350, XR1370, XR1390, XR1400
XR1410, XR1430, XR1450, XR1470

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