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Norelco Head Retainer PT, AT Models

Norelco/Philips 3618581 Head Retainer Plate
AKA 3618700, 3618701

Fits Models:
AT750/20, AT750/41, AT752/20, AT752/41, AT753/20, AT753/41, AT790/40
AT810/41, AT811/41, AT814/41, AT814/45, AT815/41, AT830/41, AT830/42
AT875/41, AT880/44, AT890/20, AT890/41, AT893/20, AT893/41, AT895/41
AT920/41, AT921/28, AT940/20, AT940/41, PT710/20, PT710/41, PT715/20
PT715/41, PT720/20, PT720/41, PT725/20, PT724, PT725/41, PT730/20, PT730/41
PT734/41, PT735/20, PT735/41, PT860/20, PT860/41, PT861/41, PT870/20
PT920/20, PT920/41, PT920/42, PT925/20

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