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Braun Motor Drive Assembly, Velour Chrome

By: Braun
Braun 81267162 Motor & Drive Assembly
Velour Chrome Color

This part cannot be installed by the consumer, Motor to Circuit board
calibration is required that can only be completed by an
Authorized Service Center

Fits Types: 5671, 5673, 5674, 5692, 5693, 5696, 5697

Fits Models: Series 7, Pulsonic Pro-System Plus
790cc, 790cc-3, 790cc-4, 790cc-5, 790cc-7,795cc-3
Limited Edition 2010, -2011, -2012, Porsche, Boss, 7790cc
760cc, 760cc-3, 765cc, 765cc-3, 760cc-4, 760cc-5, 760cc-6
760cc-7, 765cc-4, 765cc-5, 765cc-6, 765cc-7, 790cc-6
790cc-7, 797cc-7, 799cc-6, 799cc-7, 7897cc, 7898cc, 7899cc
740s-6, 740s-7, 7840s, 7850cc, 7855s, 7865cc, 7880cc, 7893s

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